August Webinars Now Open for Registration

Registration is now available for our August webinars. As with our June and July sessions, these webinars are intended for both new and existing users. The schedule for August is available here. Please contact with any questions. In addition, if you have any topics you would like to recommend for a future webinar, we welcome your suggestions!

Thursday August 1st – 11am
Leveraging PolyPaths’ APIs to Incorporate Custom Models
As a key part of its architecture, the PolyPaths product suite features several powerful APIs which allow users to incorporate results from proprietary prepayment, current coupon, cash flow, and deposit decay models (among others) into PolyPaths calculations. By plugging in a Windows DLL you develop into the system, PolyPaths’ code will call your custom models seamlessly as part of pricing and risk measures.

This brief Web-based tutorial will walk through the key functionalities of several of the most commonly-used APIs in PolyPaths. Although IDE setup, including compilation and debugging, will be discussed briefly, this session is designed as a conceptual overview for non-programmers and will otherwise not cover specific code review or discussion of programming practices.

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Thursday August 8th – 11am
Solving for Prepayment Tuners
PolyPaths’ solver for Prepayment Tuning allows users to solve for a set of tuning parameter knobs which minimizes the error between a set of target and model values. These could be sets of target versus model durations, forecasted speeds or even historical actuals. As part of PolyPaths’ Tuning Optimization, we allow users to select a subset of tuning knobs like Ref Mult, optional range values for each knob, a target field like OA Dur or Hist 3M Act/Mdl, and a sample portfolio of benchmark instruments which includes target values for each instrument. The output is simply a tuner.

During this brief webinar, we will walk through several examples to tune your portfolio.

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Thursday August 15th – 11am
Introduction to PolyPaths Prepay Model
Both an interest rate model and prepayment model are needed within the OAS framework of mortgage analysis. Join us in this session to learn more about the built-in, freely available, PolyPaths Prepayment Model. Topics will include:

  • How does PolyPaths Prepayment Model differ from other vendor prepayment models?
  • What parameters are used in the model and how can the user modify and view these parameters across different collateral types?
  • How can the user incorporate in deviations in projected speeds due to pool-specific attributes such as FICO, Avg Loan Size, and LTV?
  • How is PolyPaths Prepayment Optimizer used to tune and solve for parameters and regression coefficients used in the PolyPaths Prepayment Model?
  • Case Study

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Thursday August 22nd – 11am
Performance Backtesting for Prepayment/Loss Forecasts
When evaluating any prepayment model, to gauge its accuracy, a common exercise is to run backtesting by comparing model performance to the actual prepayment rates observed. PolyPaths offers a rich class of functionality that users may leverage for this comparative analysis.

During this webinar, we will answer some PolyPaths backtesting questions such as,

  • How can we retrieve actual historical speeds?
  • How can we calculate model speeds as of a historical date?
  • What are some available evaluation tools?
  • What can we do improve model performance?

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Thursday August 29th – 11am
Beyond USD: Multicurrency Features in PolyPaths
In addition to being a powerful system for USD-denominated fixed-income instruments and derivatives, PolyPaths has extensive support for not only non-USD instruments, but also currency-based instruments and derivatives. Currencies can be added to the system through a simple change to a currency configuration file, and results can be viewed and analyzed in either USD or the instrument’s local currency. In this overview of our capabilities in non-USD fixed income space, we will examine not only configuration and setup of non-USD currencies, but also preview the breadth of non-USD and currency-based instruments available to PolyPaths users, from Canadian RMBS to currency swaps.

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