Join us for an overview of PolyPaths Distributed Processing

Please join us on Thursday, September 12th for an overview of the PolyPaths Distributed Processing Framework. Full details and registration are available here.

Thursday September 12th - 2pm ET
PolyPaths Distributed Processing Framework
While leveraging the existing PolyPaths calculation engine used by AppPort and BatchCal, the PolyPaths Distributed Processing (DP) Framework brings the power and flexibility of parallel processing to your portfolio calculations.

In this hour long webinar we will cover the basic configuration and operation of a DP calculation grid, and provide an overview of its key features, including:

  • Profiles, which allow you to simultaneously run multiple different configurations of the PolyPaths binary,
  • Roles, which enable you to classify and restrict calculation equipment,
  • Priorities, which allow you to run some jobs before others,
  • Dynamic Load Balancing, which allows you to partition the grid with soft caps for different groups,
  • Binary Synchronization, which provides you with the means of maintaining the integrity of the grid calculators, while providing best performance,
  • Resource Synchronization, which allows you to maintain the integrity of external data files, while providing efficient and optimal performance,
  • Environment Checks, which allow you to do both lightweight and in-depth comparisons between two different environments.

In addition we will also cover some best practices, such as shared configurations files, and general tips for tuning and troubleshooting, such as the instrument-level “Remote Host Name” and “Remote Stats” fields.

To register for this webinar, please click here.