July Webinars Now Open for Registration

Hot on the heels of our June webinars, we will be continuing our summer webinar series with three additional installments for July. These sessions are intended for both new and existing users. The schedule for July is available here. Please contact support@polypaths.com with any questions. In addition, if you have any topics you would like to recommend for a future webinar, we welcome your suggestions!

Thursday July 11th – 11am ET
PolyPaths Value at Risk Framework
PolyPaths supports full-valuation or sensitivity-based Value at Risk based on historical market changes and user-selected confidence intervals and time periods. Various output metrics are available to help users gauge potential exposure and break apart the impact due to various factors. Summary reporting measures include instrument-level, group-level, and portfolio-level VaR, Expected Shortfall, Marginal VaR, and Component VaR. This 30-minute webinar will walk through our Value at Risk framework and cover a few case studies for illustration. Topics will include:

  • Available VaR Valuation Methods
    o Sensitivity-based (parametric)
    o Full-valuation historical simulation
    o User-provided historical prices
  • Settings and Assumptions
  • Output Measures
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Sample Case Studies
  • Q&A

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Thursday July 18th - 11am ET
AppPort Tips & Tricks: User Customization Options
At PolyPaths, we offer the highest level of flexibility that we can, so users can take full control over their usage of our system. AppPort is certainly no exception to this rule! During this webinar, we will cover:

  • Adding and removing toolbars
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • Implementing menu dropdown options
  • Applying conditional formatting

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Thursday July 25th – 11am ET
Custom Fields in PolyPaths
While PolyPaths has a comprehensive library of fields that users may use to report indicative information or output analyses, users may also choose to expand the available selection by creating custom fields. Custom fields are a highly flexible tool by which users can choose to tag, identify, or analyze their portfolio. During this webinar, we will cover how to add and utilize user-defined entries such as:

  • Descriptive fields
  • Math fields
  • Custom KRD fields
  • Bloomberg-retrieved fields
  • Intex collateral fields

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