Introduction to Mortgage Rate Locks Webinar Now Open for Registration

Please join us on Thursday, June 15th for an introduction on modelling mortgage rate locks in PolyPaths. Full details and registration are available here.

Thursday June 15th - 11am ET
Introduction to Mortgage Rate Locks

By allowing a borrower to lock a known mortgage rate, mortgage rate locks serve as a powerful tool for potential borrowers to hedge from interest rate risk as a loan progresses through a mortgage pipeline from offering to closing. Join us on Thursday, June 15 to learn more about PolyPaths’ rich support for pipeline modeling as part of our latest product release, version 7.13. As part of this Webinar, participants will learn how PolyPaths’ existing best-in-class mortgage analytics combine with granular and customizable pull-through forecasts to produce full, dynamic risk profiles for mortgage rate locks.

To register for this webinar, please click here.