Running Different Assumption Sets via Pricing Spaces

Within PolyPaths Enterprise, Pricing Spaces allow users to calculate and store multiple sets of valuation and risk measures for a given position, each based on a unique set of pricing marks and/or model settings. Whether it’s a prepayment override imposed by a Bank’s Treasury department or a run-to-maturity assumption used by the ALM team, Pricing Spaces offer a flexible way to streamline shared calculations while being able to impose group-specific modeling assumptions when needed. Through efficient database design, results can be easily automated, analyzed, and compared.

For example, for a dealer, there might be a pricing space for the Trader marks (trader’s price, prepay assumptions, etc.) and a second pricing space for the risk management group’s assumptions (which perhaps might just use an un-tuned prepay model or more conservative prepayment estimates). To learn more please read our recently added Pricing Space document in our Enterprise repository.