PolyPaths SOFR May 2022 Update Recording Now Available

Several recent enhancements have been made to support the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) and the associated instruments that are now trading, including SOFR Future Options contracts, SONIA Futures, and ERIS SOFR Swap Futures. Furthermore, full support of the System’s analytics without the presence of Libor curve and volatility is now available and the integration of several unique SOFR-related index names such as CME Term SOFR, calendar month SOFR, NY Fed SOFR Average, SOFR90A, and SOFR180A are supported in our latest version. During the webinar, we will discuss these updates and more as we continue to support the transition away from LIBOR. Clients can watch our webinar here for more details. Please contact support@polypaths.com on how PolyPaths can help you during the SOFR transition.