CCAR 2019 in PolyPaths

PolyPaths offers a detailed stress testing FAQ along that walks through a step-by-step example of building the CCAR 2019 scenarios in PolyPaths. The document starts with the manual version for illustration of what each step is doing, but then moves into how to automate the entire process including bulk import of the scenario definitions and export of the results. Sample reference files are also available with the scenarios in both CSV and SCN format. Please reach out to us at to receive these files.

Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)

Several recent enhancements have been made to support the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) and the associated instruments that are trading, including 1m/3m SOFR futures, SOFR swaps, and SOFR-based floating notes. These changes are part of version 7.08.2 and later releases. Please contact for more details on these enhancements and our roadmap related to the LIBOR replacement.

A Yield Curve Equilibrium Model

This month, Stanley Diller, co-founder and principal at PolyPaths, explains his continuing research on the Yield Curve with a paper titled ‘Equilibrium’. “Most people think of a yield curve (YC) as a sequence of yields ordered by their maturities. This view is adequate as long as” Please contact us if you would like to read further.

PolyPaths Version 7.08 is now available!

New Features


  • ADCO HPI3 & LDM Multi-Family Model Integration
  • Espiel 6.2 Model Integration
  • Periodic Auto-Save Feature implemented
  • Pricing Matrix expanded to apply rules-based pricing to loan portfolios
  • One-sided KRDs & User Durations supported
  • 6M Tenor supported for Partial Vega
  • Scenario Path-wise & Average OAS CF Reports available
  • 12 & 15 year Eris swap futures supported

MSR Webinar

Thank you to all who attended our MSR valuation and hedging webinar overview, which covered the following topics:

  • Modeling the MSR Asset o Loan or Cohort Upload via CSV o MSR Cash Flow Model o Decomposing Value Across Cash Flow Components
  • Modeling Hedging Instruments
  • Static and OAS Valuation
  • Static and OAS Cash Flows
  • Risk Measures and P&L Attribution

If you missed this and would like more information on MSR through PolyPaths, please contact us at

PolyPaths Version 7.07 is now available!

There are many new features in version 7.07 including -


  • Users may now control the Market Vol Unit for Sensitivities and Scenarios, determining whether Black or BP Vols are held constant by default when shifting market rates.